You’ve found my photography page!  Thank you!  All the photos you will see (and I will be adding more and more) represent my passion for photography.  I love taking photos!  I have an addiction I think!  You will find that all these photos are for sale and I use SmugMug as my shopping cart.  While perusing the photos, be sure to click on each one to get the big, beautiful version! When you find a photo you wish to take home, just click on the links within the text of the page and you will be dispatched to SmugMug where you will be able to fill your heart’s desire for the photos that you buy.  When I print my photos, I always choose Metallic but that’s just me.  Feel free to get exactly what you want!

Be on the lookout for more photos because I am adding all the time.  If I’m not adding, I’m out there shooting.  Have fun and thank you so much for your kind attention!

Love to you all,


PS – To see all my photos, just hover over the word Photography up in the menu and a flyout menu will take you where you wish to be!

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