Hollywood, CA

My Trip to Cielo Drive 1994 by George Smith – I found this video on You Tube recently and although the music by Enya “Only Time” is beautiful, it really creeped me out! It’s a casual drive up to the gates of Cielo Drive where the Tate murders occurred so many years ago. This video shows the drive and although you can see the location of the mansion up there on the left, the original Tate house was torn down and a spectacular new dwelling is being built. Creepy to think that on the morning of the murders I bet the traffic was stopped on this very street with people outside their cars staring up at all the police activity. Notice the smaller version of the Tate house down below on the hill. Wonder if there’s ghosts up in those hills? According to a lot of the neighbors and friends, the answer is a very resounding yes!


Ted Cassidy – The Lurch Shindig 65 by The Tumtrah – Remember Lurch of the Addams Family?  Well, it seems that he had his very own song and here he is dancing and singing, well, I think it’s singing!  I don’t know about you but the way Lurch sings totally creeps me out and the dancing, well, spooky!  What fun!