About Janet

Guess who?  It is I, the one with the purple chunky legs over there doing what I love best – going on Photowalks!

Janet Photowalk 2-12-2014 10-15-58 PM(Image by Gwen Montesino)

Anyway, hello and welcome to my new and improved Bewitched and Bedazzled blog.  I have had Bewitched and Bedazzled for years now and I’ve decided to reinvent it once again.  Here you will find, well, my photography as well as lots of my teaching tutorials ranging from painting your own to Word Press how-tos.  In between, you will find lots of neat ways to have fun with Adobe Photoshop and that old dinosaur Paint Shop Pro, as well as throw a video or two together with Adobe Premiere Pro.

And too, check out the links over there on the right.  They are my creations over the years (yes, I love to write and have a disposition for black comedy or anything outrageously gross as well as anything spooky).  My Halloween’s Unseen and Salem, Massachusetts blog fits the bill on all these fronts!  And being the dork that I am, my sites range from the embarrassing (on my part) and the really weird (on my part as well).  The ghost tour site, well, that’s a product of my friend who has been my muse for the past several years.  I do let him share space with me (sometimes)!  Thank you, Dash Beardsley.  And last but not least, my photography site over at Smug Mug (a little plug there for some really fabulous people who can even make my photos look good)!

So, again, welcome to anyone who might venture here and love to all of you, which I must warn you, I will tell you I love you over and over because I do!

Love each of you,



2 thoughts on “About Janet

  1. Janet! Wow! This is the coolest! I am most proud of you putting up this new site with all the new material, colors (love the selection!) I’ll keep a look out for anything my way to add or pass on to you. Take care dear friend!
    John 🙂

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